Entelect Active, a division of Entelect Software, offers online sports administration systems and an effective marketing channel for users of our software products.

Tell me more about these software products?

Our sports related software products are self-managing and functionally richer than any similar offering in South Africa. In summary:

  • Entelect Web Manager is designed for national or provincial bodies, sports clubs, athletes, teams, coaches, medics, media and related organisations that have a sports clientele and who wish to sell memberships, subscriptions or products online.
  • Entelect Event Manager is designed to handle online entries, product purchases and administration of large-scale sports events, such as cycling, running, walking, triathlons and tours. Click here to view some of our clients who make use of event manager.
  • Entelect Portal Manager is designed for companies wishing to create a sports portal, being a combination of Entelect's Web and Event Manager products. Click here to see some of the online entry and information portals we have created.

So how do I get greater marketing exposure by using these products? 

  • Our software products have powerful online advertising, marketing and communications modules that allow you to communicate with your member database through newsletters or SMS', and run online advertising campaigns from a simple back-office interface.
  • Whenever you publish a news article there is an option to publish it on our Entelect Active community news exchange. These press releases can very easily be re-published by our partners in their newsletters or on their websites with the full source stated. So you get indirect access to a larger subscriber base if your article is newsworthy.
  • Our news, directory listing, calendar management and social media modules can be configured to accept content submissions from the general public, allowing for a dynamic search-engine friendly site to be created without much effort.
  • We help you access a greater market by including your services in our large portal-based clients.

So why Entelect?

  • Despite a superior product offering, we offer free ongoing training and product support. Our objective is to empower our clients to run their entire online presence without the need for expensive technical intervention.
  • Our software products are constantly being updated by a dedicated team of engineers as a result of constant client interaction and feedback.
  • We have a large team of the finest Software Engineers in South Africa to assist as required, no matter how small your request. Visit our corporate website to get a sense of who we are and to learn about our track record.

Please contact us for a demonstration of our solutions or for a proposal. We look forward to hearing from you!

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